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The booking manager that's premium class

Travellers keep track of everything. 
Travel agents keep their customers. 

Practical, clear, works with every  GDS

My Cockpit is THE website for travellers

Whether you're sitting on the sofa at home, in the taxi on the way to the airport or already at your holiday destination, with My Cockpit anyone can retrieve their booking, via PC, tablet or smartphone, and immediately find out about any changes to flight times. Food, seats and baggage can be added to the booking by the traveller at any time.

A key feature is the automatic Check In: if you activate this function, you are automatically checked in by the system as soon as the airline opens the check in. 

My Cockpit is ideal for customer retention

Customers who use My Cockpit won't end up on airline websites any more. Travel agents! - Recommend My Cockpit to your customers and their details will remain with you.